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About us

The Academic Enhancement and Leadership Development Centre (ADeC) is a Centre of Responsibility or Pusat Tanggungjawab (PTj) under the portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International), University of Malaya. ADeC’s core responsibility is to design and conduct professional development programs for UM’s academic staff. ADeC's history began with the establishment of the University of Malaya Learning Improvement Centre (UMLIC) in 1996 which was later re-branded as the Academic Development Centre (ADeC) in February 2007.

ADeC's rebranding reflects the centre's then expanded role, from solely providing training on teaching and learning (T&L) towards producing future renowned and highly competent academic leaders in T&L, research and supervision.

In 2017 and 2018 , ADeC's role is expanding even further to include learning and development for institutional leaders and promotion of well-being among academic staff.  Although ADeC’s acronym remains the same, the centre was renamed as the Academic Enhancement and Leadership Development Centre (ADeC) in 2016, in anticipation of ADeC's expanded foci. This new name reflects ADeC's intent to develop and support UM’s academic staff in the domains of:  T&L, research and supervision, as well as leadership and well-being. Accordingly ADeC also manages and facilitates a range of academic enhancement activities including e-learning and learning spaces development. ADeC is thus a rather unique centre as it's role extends beyond the traditional function of a T&L centreInstead, ADeC is a centre dedicated to nurturing the holistic development and well-being of UM’s academic staff as transformational academic and institutional leaders in the Malaysian and global higher education spheres.

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Academic Enhancement & Leadership Development Centre (ADeC)
University of Malaya

Pusat Penambahbaikan Akademik dan Pembangunan Kepimpinan
Universiti Malaya

Door G6, Level 2, High Impact Research (HIR) Building,
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur.

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Telephone : 03-7967 7022
                            extension: 2056

Email         : adec@um.edu.my
Website     : adec.um.edu.my