Emerging Scholars Leadership Development (EmeraLd) program has been designed to provide new UM lecturers with skills and networks to begin an academic career in UM and has been offered to new lecturers since August 2014.

ADeC recently developed a new, more relevant structure for the EmeraLd program. The new Basic EmeraLd Programme is a modular programme made up of a number of workshops and attachments, as detailed below:

  • Basic Course in Teaching & Learning (formerly known as Training Program for New Lecturers, TPNL) - 5 days 
  • Basic Course in Supervision - 2 days 
  • Basic Course in Intellectual Property (IP) & Entrepreneurship - 2 days 
  • Basic Course in Strategies to Enhance Research Visibility, Impact and Citation 
  • Leadership and Wellbeing courses  
  • Attachments and workshops relating to UM curriculum, UM work processes and quality assurance, as well as UM research management - Attachment will be in QMEC, CDC, and PPGP.



Contact Details

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