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Microcredentials @UM is an initiative launched in 2019 to assist University Malaya educators in designing and publishing online courses in order to meet the university's goal of publishing more online courses. 
Since launched, UM managed to receive thousands of enrolment via FutureLearn platform, from across the globe.

What is an MC course? 
ADEC is using the term “MC course” to describe courses offered in FutureLearn. An MC course is describe as a course offered (with a minimum 2 weeks lessons) as a single short course, or can be stacked/compiled to be included in the Expert Track, Microcredentials or Online Degree as offered in FL.

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Can any course be an MC course? 
Yes! It is really important to have the target audience before you start developing your MC course. Although ADEC encourages lecturer to offer their existing academic course, you are allowed to offer a free standing course, whichever suit and relevant to the current global education scene. 

How do I start?
If you’re interested to develop your MC course, email to us now at adec@um.edu.my
Please refer to the flowchart below on how the process of developing and publishing an MC course looks like. 

Meet the Team
In ADEC, the Microcredentials @UM team, or simplified as  MC @UM team, are ready to help educators in developing their courses from A to Z..

Mohamad Anis Adnan
Instructional Designer/

Wan Nor Izzati Iffah Wan Mansor
Instructional Designer/
Graphic Designer

Ferlynda Jamaludin

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Last Update: 08/05/2023