Aspiring Academic Program (Aspire) offers experience, skills and added advantage of "insider information" for those of you planning a career in academia. Through the Aspiring Academic Program, participants will be able to:

  • Engage in knowledgeable conversation about Higher Education landscape and academic careers. 
  • Take advantage of basic knowledge acquired about teaching and learning and Research Management to further explore these core competencies of a university lecturer; and
  • Begin compiling your own academic/teaching portfolio. 

Participants will be exposed to global developments and trends in higher education, national policies pertaining to higher education in Malaysia, and learn about teaching and learning (T&L) in a workshop quite similar to the very same training programs that University of Malaya provides for UM lecturers.

And that's just the first part of the programme!
If you go on to part two of the Aspiring Academics program, you may have the opportunity to be mentored by experienced lecturers and get hands-on experience managing and delivering university-level courses! 
And after that, you can decide if becoming a university lecturer is the career of your dreams for you to pursue diligently, or whether life as a lecturer is not quite what you expected. 



Anyone interested can contact ADeC's LeadWell Unit Head, Dr. Amira Firdaus at amira_firdaus@um.edu.my 



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Pusat Penambahbaikan Akademik dan Pembangunan Kepimpinan
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