News | SPeCTRUM was featured in Buletin Utama TV3

SPeCTRUM was recently featured in Buletin Utama TV3 as part of the e-Learning mode initiated by Universiti of Malaya as a response for the recent hazy situation in Klang Valley.

The full video of the report is available below. Source : Youtube channel : Buletin TV3.

The recent haze condition has caused several school closures nationwide. As the haze may cause health problems particularly to the at-risk-groups, the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (OSHE) committee of UM is monitoring the situation for UM and has issued a circular on the procedure for haze response. 

In the event of the IPU index reading shows an unacceptable level for normal classes to take place, face-to-face teaching and learning activities within classrooms/lecture halls will be suspended and will be substituted with full eLearning mode using SPeCTRUM. The announcement of the 100% eLearning mode will be made by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic & International through all communication channels.  

For faculties that have conducted eLearning week before, you should be fine as you have had the training and will be able to revert to eLearning mode quite naturally.  

For other faculty members and students, please be prepared to adopt eLearning mode where all learning activities (content delivery, interaction, assessments etc) should be done within SPeCTRUM or other suitable online applications.   

Teaching can be delivered using a synchronous media such as Youtube live, Facebook live, Skype for Business or other web conferencing tools. As an alternative, you may also deliver an online lesson using your own pre-recording or a repurposed video from Youtube.  

Interaction with students and between students may be achieved via SPeCTRUM Chat and Forum functions, or for a more interactive session, using Dropbox Paper, Word online, or Google docs.   

Assessment functionality in SPeCTRUM includes the Assignment, Quiz, Workshop and Turnitin module that could be deployed in the 100% eLearning mode. The Interactive Content activity is also available for student assessment.  

In eLearning mode, Interaction and Assessment activities can be designed and used as proof for student attendance. The use of web2.0 applications for learning is encouraged but please index it in your SPeCTRUM page so that students have a one-stop-centre to obtain the learning materials.   

Lecturers are advised to communicate their eLearning plans with students and the department, to make sure support can be put in-place. Please inform the students especially, the Learning Outcome (LO) to be achieved for the eLearning substitution.  

ADeC will coordinate the eLearning event if and when it happens with the help of the university and faculty management. Please get to know your eLearning coordinator as they will be the liaison with ADeC in this case. Please refer to ADeC’s blog at https://adec.um.edu.my/ for additional guidance.  

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