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Please refer below of some of the most common FAQs on SPeCTRUM and Respondus Monitor. 

To set an online attendance for your students in SPeCTRUM, watch a tutorial video by Dr. Mohd Yazed at link youtube video.


Can I use the old Attendance that I have created in the previous semester, for my current semester?

Will the list of students for that attendance be updated?
You may reuse the previous Attendance module. The students or participants will be automatically updated. However, you need to add the class sessions that correspond as in your timetable. The old sessions in the Attendance can be deleted to make it more organized.
Alternatively, you can simply delete the old Attendance module and create a new one, and still, you need to create the 14-week class sessions. Use these options to simplify:
Multiple sessions > Repeat every <1 week>, Repeat Until ). .

For the quiz or test as well , can I reuse the old Quiz I created in the previous semester, for my current semester?
Yes you can.Please do remember to edit the submission time and other timing related configurations.


Can I delete the announcements that I have made for the last semester?
You can delete the old announcement and other things that are not related to tidy up your coursepage.
Note: the old items should be retrievable from SPeCTRUM Archive (please check the archive. It is accessible if you are in charge of the previous session either as instructor or co-instructor).
No notifications via emails are sent out from the announcements/messages done in the announcement top section.
To get your message sent out without delay, please TICK the option "Send forum post notification with no editing-time delay" which will be visible after clicking the "Advanced" button. Refer to the graphical guide below.

I have registered for course ABC123 for this semester, but the course is not showing when I log in to SPeCTRUM.
The SPeCTRUM fetches updated information from MAYA at midnight. If you have just completed course registration in MAYA, there will be a delay for you to see the recently added course.
If you require an immediate update you need to use the "Fetch from MAYA" button.
I have been assigned by my PTJ to be an instructor of a course but the course is not visible in my SPeCTRUM portal.
The SPeCTRUM fetches updated information from MAYA at every midnight, so, any recent update information in MAYA will only be reflected in SPECTRUM on the following day.                                                                                                                   
Note: To address this, we are working on a function called “Fetch From MAYA” for instructors, currently it is not yet available.
If you still cannot see your course after 24 hours, please find your course using the SEARCH button.

How do I change/increase the maximum upload size limit?
Please refer to the graphical guide below;
(This FAQ is written in Bahasa Melayu and will be translated soon)
Status pelajar untuk menjawab soalan masih "in progress" walaupun peperiksaan sudah tamat. 
Pensyarah perlu menghubungi pihak PTM bagi isu ini.
Semasa peperiksaan sedang berlangsung, ada jawapan yang telah dihantar oleh pelajar tidak disimpan (save) justeru menyebabkan jawapan kosong. 
Secara amnya, sistem akan menyimpan jawapan yang telah dihantar oleh pelajar secara automatik setiap satu minit. Jika capaian internet tidak stabil dan terputus-putus, jawapan yang disimpan adalah jawapan yang dihantar sebelum capaian terputus.
Sistem SPeCTRUM Exam tidak menyimpan data secara automatik selepas masa peperiksaan tamat. Periksa semula jika pelajar masih boleh menjawab selepas masa tamat. Jika status pelajar masih in progress, rujuk pihak PTM.
Respondus Monitor tergendala selepas masa peperiksaan yang menyebabkan Perkara 1 mungkin berlaku.
Respondus Monitor adalah sangat sensitif, jika internet terputus/tidak stabil walaupun sekejap, sistem akan tergendala. Pelajar perlu menutup window dan mula semula Respondus Monitor.
Pelajar dimohon untuk masuk ke kaunter alam maya yang telah disediakan jika ada masalah atau tidak boleh memasuki Respondus Monitor.


Last Update: 11/05/2022