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The EmeraLd Teaching and Learning course (formerly known as Training Programme for New Lecturers, TPNL) is designed to equip UM academicians with basic skills vital to teaching in higher education generally, and in UM specifically. 
Participants will be exposed to basic aspects of teaching, including basic philosophy and pedagogy, scholarship of teaching and learning, as well UM-specific aspects of teaching in higher education, including an introductory workshop to UM's e-learning platform (SPeCTRUM).  
Module 1: Teaching in Higher Education: Philosophical Perspectives in Education and Creating Your Personal Philosophy
Module 2: Create your Academic Portfolio
Module 3: Know Your Learners
Module 4: Pedagogy and Instructional Strategies for Higher Education
Module 5: Outcome-based Curriculum: Effective Curriculum Design and Development
Module 6: Outcome-based Teaching and Learning: Curriculum Implementation and Delivery
Module 7: Assessment Approach/Strategy and Method
Module 8: Feedback on Learning and Teaching
Module 9: Reflective Practice
Module 10: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)
Module 11: Inclusive and Compassionate Teaching & Learning
Module 12: Technology-embedded Teaching and Learning
Module 13: SPeCTRUM X

Learning Mode
Currently, full online mode ET&L programme is a 13-modules course spread across 10 working days.  The training programme involves lectures, discussions, as well as group and individual activities. Participants will explore and examine design principles and issues relevant to the construction of an effective learning experience. Modules will also engage participants in an interactive learning environment, while at the same time developing soft skills competencies.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This course is a mandatory requirement for confirmation (i.e. "pengesahan dalam jawatan"), and a requirement for new lecturers under the Basic EmeraLd Programme. 

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ADEC 2022 Training Calendar is now available to download. 


Last Update: 01/08/2022