Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

To support shift 3 (Nation of lifelong learners) and shift 9 (Globalized online learning) in the Malaysian Educational Blueprint, UM has provided the opportunity for the public to learn from our brightest minds even if you are not a registered student. A range of courses in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and OER (Open Educational Resources), you can study free of charge, as and when it suits you.

University of Malaya has developed several MOOCs courses that is available free on OpenLearning. MOOC is an online course that can be studied by anybody who would like to further their knowledge in the topic of their own choice. It is not limited by the confines of space and finance or presuppose educational background. In a single MOOC session, there could be a pensioner studying the same materials as a secondary school student. Materials of study is such as video lectures, reading materials, coursework, test and online activities are interspersed with forum discussion between tutors and student in an online community of social learners.


  • Introduction to Malay Language (FutureLearn)
  • Islamic Calligraphy (FutureLearn)
  • Terrorism, Jihad and Islam (OpenLearning)
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