University of Malaya's (UM) Academic Development Centre (ADeC) supports the UM academic community through its range of workshops and specialized programmes to meet their continuous professional development needs. ADeC is supported by experienced trainers and passionate educators who design and conduct workshops on Teaching and Learning (T&L), Student Supervision, Academic Mentoring, as well as Research and Academic Professional Development. Many of UM's top researchers, with million-Ringgit grants and international patents also offer their time and expertise to present Expert R&D talks on all things related to Research and Academic Development. In addition, ADeC also conducts an innovative, first-of-its-kind Mentoring and Management Training Programme for UM's emerging scholars.

ADeC's various workshops and programmes are conducted by three dedicated units, each responsible for the development and provision of specific training services:
• Unit for Learning and Teaching Innovation, LTI
• Unit for Research, Supervision and Mentoring, RSM
• Unit for Emerging Scholars Leadership Advancement, EmeraLd


The Unit for Learning and Teaching Innovation, or LTI Unit, offers various Learning and Teaching (L&T) workshops to enhance lecturers' skills in facilitating learning amongst their students. The LTI Unit is an active proponent of innovative L&T tools and methods, and provides a range of theory classes as well as hands-on workshops on e-learning and blended learning...... More Info

The Academic Development Centre (ADeC) welcomes all UM community members to our RESEARCH METHODOLOGY & STATISTICAL HELP (ReSH) for 2017.More Info
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